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Committed to the Great Commission


BOAM has been working on the continent of Africa since 2007. At present we are ministering in two countries; Liberia and Ivory Coast, and the ministry in the country of Guinea has just begun. Along with that we have five other African countries requesting that we bring the ministry to their people. If you are familiar with Africa you know that even though there is a missionary presence, much of the remote areas are unreached. Historically most of the missionary effort in Africa has been done in the larger towns and villages in each country. Because in BOAM we emphasize training the nationals, they are able to get into the villages and areas where the western missionary cannot go. The African can drink the well water and eat the food in these villages, which westerners cannot do.

Our African teams are concentrated on the unreached areas in their countries. In general these people are entrenched in animalistic worship and idolatry. In recent years the Muslims have been aggressively trying to reach Africa with their religion. Generally the people are resistant, however, to the Muslim religion. In contrast, where the Gospel has been preached there has been great response to the message of salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ. Africa is a unique place. It has had missionary work there for well over 150 years, and yet there are still vast areas that have not heard the message of salvation. We believe the key to reaching Africa is training the nationals and having them reach out to their own people. Then, when people are saved in the villages, a Bible study is begun and is eventually turned into a church. Even in the third-world it is difficult to bring outside pastors into the village areas to plant churches. First of all, there is no income for the pastor. Secondly, when an outsider comes in it takes a great deal of time for him to become part of the culture of the village. In all of our countries around the world we have found the best way to plant churches is to look for someone among the new believers that God has His hand on, and then train that man to pastor the flock. This is exactly the New Testament approach of the Apostle Paul in his missionary journeys, and we have found it to be a very, very effective way of establishing churches for the believers all around the world.

In Africa our vision is to reach into these other countries, train the nationals there and then reach the people village by village by starting Bible studies and planting churches. We believe Africa can be reached with the Gospel following this method.