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Committed to the Great Commission


BOAM International Literature Evangelism Department

Since we are working in many virgin areas around the world preaching the Gospel to people that have never heard, once people are saved there is a great need for them to have Bible literature in their hands. In some places portions of the Bible are already translated, and in a few places no translation of the Scriptures is available and often no other Christian literature at all for the people to read. Because of this, BILED is committed to putting good literature into the hands of the people in their native language. There is a great need for this around the world.

BILED is headed by Bob Buck. The last few years we have done several translations of literature in India and the Philippines. Hunger is so great for natives to have the Word of God or good Christian literature in their language that in each case we soon ran out of all that we could print, and needed much more. This only emphasizes the need of getting good Christian literature into the hands of new converts so that they might be able to read that which would build them up in Christ in their own language. To this BILED is dedicated.