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Committed to the Great Commission


Currently we have five teams ministering in the Philippines working on the two largest islands in the following locations: Pangasinan, Kalinga, La Union, Mindanao and Mountain Province. The fruitfulness in the Philippines is incredible! The Filipinos know the name of Christ, but they do not know the Gospel. They are incredibly hungry, and all of our teams are finding wide open doors preaching the Gospel publicly. We have several teams that are trained to go into the public schools.  Our teams are given as much time as they want to present the Gospel to the whole student body and even to do personal ministry afterwards. It is a great open door of ministry, but along with that there are the highways, the byways, including basket ball courts, soccer courts, pool rooms, playgrounds, market places and countless other areas where the Filipinos gather. Our teams are trained to do effective ministry in all of these venues.

Politically the door is wide open in the Philippines, and spiritually the people are very, very hungry and open to the Gospel. The harvest there is great! With our five teams we are making an impact in the Philippines. However, again we have only “scratched the surface”. Even though we already have a team operating in Mindanao, we have been invited by a pastor on the island and hope to see the work expand greatly in these coming days.