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Committed to the Great Commission

Who We Are


Bible Open Air Mission (BOAM) is an independent, fundamental, Baptist mission dedicated to open-air evangelism.  BOAM was founded in April of 1991 by two evangelists, Art Williams and Jack Kreidler, and a group of Independent Fundamental Baptist pastors. It operates as a non-profit 501c3. BOAM is a by faith mission.


1. Conduct strategic open-air meetings in population centers,

2. Work closely with local church planters to evangelize needy areas and plant fundamental churches,

3. Train open-air evangelistic teams for the local church and bible colleges,

4. Teach open-air evangelism in bible institutes, colleges and seminaries, refer new converts to sound fundamental churches,

5. Enlist those new converts in bible correspondence lessons and encourage them in every way to walk with the Lord.


Our vision is to establish teams worldwide to reach the unsaved with the gospel of Jesus Christ. In so reaching the lost we hope to establish bible studies among new converts which will eventually become churches.  We consider this the Pauline approach to church planting. Our prayer is that God will establish a team in one new city (USA) and one new country (international) every year.

Art Williams in New York