BOAM in West Africa!

What a unique country! Started by emancipated slaves returning from America, this country is steeped in our traditions and thinking. In 1989 a civil war broke out that devastated the country and the people. With its cessation in 2003 the country has started a slow but gradual climb out of the chaos of its past.

In 2008 we were invited to Liberia to begin the ministry. A native Liberian team was trained, and the ministry was begun through this team. After several years the outreach has been greatly blessed of God. The Ebola plague that recently hit that area has only made the people hungrier for the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. A number of churches have been planted. The team has expanded its outreach and is now developing the ministry in the country of Guinea. This is exciting! Guinea is mostly a Muslim country, and yet we still have a  church planted in a Muslim village. Two of the young men converted through our ministry in Guinea have a desire to be trained as our missionaries to reach out to their own country village by village.

We have a great desire to see the ministry in Liberia as well as Ivory Coast expand in these coming days. So many people have not yet heard the Gospel in these countries. Menledy Towah has led the ministry of BOAM in Liberia since its inception in 2008 and is doing an outstanding job.  As mentioned above, we also have a number of other countries in Africa waiting for us to bring the ministry of BOAM to their people.

Join Us

If you feel that the Lord is calling you to open-air evangelism please do two things. First, remain in fervent prayer concerning your calling. Secondly, if led by the Spirit of God, contact us and we will show you how to proceed in terms of applying to the Mission Board.