United States


Our strategy is to conduct open-air meetings in population centers working with all ages and classes of people. We conduct many different kinds of meetings that we believe to be effective with various groups. Some of the meetings we utilize are adult open-air meetings in shopping areas, night-life areas, bus stops and subway platforms. We also do special meetings for teenagers seeking to present the Gospel to them in the areas where they congregate. BOAM is also committed to working heavily with children doing special meetings on their behalf in neighborhood parks, projects, beaches and wherever children gather.

At present BOAM USA is only working in the New York City area, however, our prayer is that the Lord will add other teams in population centers across America to reach the lost with the Gospel.

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If you feel that the Lord is calling you to open-air evangelism please do two things. First, remain in fervent prayer concerning your calling. Secondly, if led by the Spirit of God, contact us and we will show you how to proceed in terms of applying to the Mission Board.